IDES Products

IDES offers a number of time-resolved electron microscopy products and services.

Electrostatic Dose Modulator
The Electrostatic Dose Modulator (EDM) is a fast beam blanking system with a pre-sample electrostatic deflector, including electronics and software control.
optional feature of EDM
The EDS True Area Scan package for Electrostatic Dose Modulator (EDM) can reduce specimen damage during EDS elemental mapping. High-speed EDM technology is integrated with the JEOL-EDS system to make a complete flyback blanking solution.
Programmable STEM
The optional Synchrony upgrade takes EDM’s timing and synchronization capabilities to the next level. Synchrony can coordinate with a STEM controller, tracking the probe beam location as it scans across the sample.
Electrostatic Subframing System
Microscopes equipped with RELATIVITY achieve exceptional time resolution, data throughput, and advanced automation capabilities.
Compact Specimen Photoexcitation System

LuminaryTM Micro is a Compact Specimen Photoexcitation System (CPXS) for JEOL TEMs. It is composed of a modulated laser, a compact optical delivery system (μODS), an inlet port, and a mirror. With this add-on, users can direct and focus the laser output onto the TEM sample in situ.

Dose Optimized STEM

Tempo improves the amount of information obtained for a given electron dose, or the “information efficiency”, of STEM experiments.

Ultrafast TEM / Dynamic TEM
JEM-2100 time-resolved transmission electron microscope is designed for pump-probe experiments using one or more lasers to study transient phenomena in specimens.

Service Plans

We’re here to provide helping hands and guidance for your most challenging experimental needs.

At IDES, we offer exceptional service plans for our products. Our extended service includes not only routine and preventive maintenance, but free upgrades to minor components and software, as well as significant discounts on major upgrades and retrofits. 

Many of IDES’ customers develop new techniques and perform incredibly challenging experiments using our instruments. Supporting these efforts is a cornerstone of our commitment to customer success. Our service team works extensively with users to develop custom experimental designs, custom software integration, automation of optical systems, and detailed instrument design and characterization.