EDS True Area Scan

Optional feature of EDM

The EDS True Area Scan package for Electrostatic Dose Modulator (EDM) can reduce specimen damage during EDS elemental mapping. High-speed EDM technology is integrated with the JEOL-EDS system to make a complete flyback blanking solution.

During EDS elemental mapping, the scanning system has an unusable pre-scanning area where the magnetic coil‘s response is nonlinear and data is not acquired. Unnecessary electron radiation damage can occur in this pre-scan area. The True Area Scan system removes the unused pre-scan area by performing a flyback blanking; electron illumination is blanked by the high-speed Electrostatic Dose Modulator (EDM), which is integrated seamlessly with the EDS scanning system. The EDM technology offers transition times faster than 20 ns, much faster than the typical EDS scan rates of10 μs-50 μs / pixel, so that the beam is precisely blanked during flyback and restored for data collection.

True Area Scan

With Flyback Blanking

Normal Scan

Without Flyback Blanking

System of EDS True Area Scan

Lightning-fast speeds

EDM systems achieve switching times faster than 20 ns.


The EDM acts as a fast and reliable pre- sample beam blanker while supporting a companion Relativity Sub-Framing System as well as third-party hardware.

Pre-requirement items

Applicable instrumentJEM-ARM300F2, JEM-ARM200F(CFEG), NEOARM(CFEG), JEM-F200(CFEG)
EDMElectrostatic dose modulator (EDM) Basic / Synchrony
EDSJED-2300T (JEOL EDS System)
Specification of EDM with EDS True Area Scan

Transition time (10% to 90%)
Unblank ↔ Blank:

< 20 ns

Minimum pulse width
125 ns

EDS True Area Scan Kit
Integrated with EDS software and scanning system