JEM-2100 Time-resolved TEM

Ultrafast TEM / Dynamic TEM

JEM-2100 Time-resolved TEM is an extremely versatile platform that allows users to choose their optical configurations with a multitude of different laser types to conduct ps stroboscopy, ns stroboscopy, ns single shot (SS), and/ or ns “movie mode (MM)” measurements, as well as conventional thermionic mode, with a single instrument. JEM-2100 Time-resolved TEM is a 200 kV TEM based on a JEM-2100Plus and is modified to introduce laser beams directed toward the cathode (electron source) and the sample, including laser optical systems as standard and the laser(s) as options.

Features at a Glance

Probe laser port for photocathode

Provides an optical path to generate photoelectron probe pulses

Pump laser port for specimen

Provides an optical path to directly excite the specimen using a laser

Optical delivery system

Provides a column-mounted, enclosed optical path for probe and pump lasers

Laser workbench

Can house various types of laser systems

Laser alignment and diagnostic tools

Allows the user to precisely align the laser beams in real time

Laser beam stabilization system (optional)

Can improve the laser alignment precision

Data acquisition automation software

Automates a time series of TEM data acquisition

C0 lens

Can enhance the signal intensity

Configurations and Performances

For Various Operating Modes of Time-resolved TEM

ModePS StroboscopyNS StroboscopySingle Shot DTEMMovie Mode DTEM
StroboscopySingle Shot
Cathode(s)LaB6 guard ring / Ta diskLaB6 (truncated tip) / LaB6 guard ring / Ta diskTa diskTa disk
SpectrometerRecommendedCustomers selectIncompatibleIncompatible
Bench*1200 × 2400 mm optical tableOptical table is not always necessaryOptical table is not always necessary1200 × 2400 mm optical table
Probe Laser: Pulse Energy100 nJ100 μJ10 mJ10 mJ
Probe Laser: Pulse Width300 fs or less5 ns or less10 ns or less 9 × 20 ns
Probe Laser: Wavelength257 nm266 nm266 nm266 nm
Pump Laser: Pulse Energy10 μJ10 μJ1 mJ 1 mJ
Pump Laser: Pulse Width300 fs or less5 ns or less10 ns or less10 ns or less
Pump Laser: Wavelength515 nm532 nm532 nm532 nm
Repetition rate*approx. 1 MHzapprox. 1 kHzSS (10 Hz)SS (10 Hz)
Emission100 e-/pulse or less105 e-/pulse or lessapprox.108 e-/pulseapprox.109 e-/pulse
Energy spread1.5 eV or less1.5 eV or less 100 eV or less100 eV or less
Temporal width1.2 ps or less10 ns or less20 ns or less20 ns or less
Spatial resolution1 nm or less1 nm or lessapprox. 10 nmapprox. 10 nm
DelayLinear stageDelay generator Delay generator Digital sequencer
Range-666 ps to + 2000 ps-1 μs to + 1 ms-∞ to + ∞-100 μs to 100 μs
Precision± 0.017 ps± 0.05 ns± 0.05 nsapprox. ± 1 ns
Optical jittern/a± 5 ns or less± 5 ns or less± 5 ns or less
Cathode lifetime*approx. 6 months Ta disk:12 months or more (as option)approx. 6 months Ta disk:12 months or more (as option)12 months or more12 months or more

Chart shows typical values.

Standard room layout for JEM-2100 Time-Resolved TEM

For ns stroboscopy and single shot DTEM, optical table (OT) is not always necessary depending on the laser configuration.