Researchers Achieve Extraordinary Spatial Resolution for In-situ Atomic Resolution TEM Using New Luminary Micro Technique

Materials science researchers in Japan have achieved extraordinary in-situ Transmission Electron Microscope (TEM) experiments using a new Luminary Micro laser technique. They succeeded in recording atomic-resolution in-situ movies of growing carbon nanotubes and onion-shaped carbon nano structures. The structures were formed by laser irradiation of samples made of carbon films and iron nanoparticles. This experiment […]

One-of-a-kind Microscope Enables Breakthrough in Quantum Science

We are pleased to share that the paper by Prof. Ido Kaminer and team at Technion – Israel Institute of Technology has been published in Nature. Prof. Ido Kaminer uses IDES’ Luminary system along with a Transmission Electron Microscope “JEM-2100Plus” made by our parent company JEOL, Ltd.

10kHz frame rate video in TEM! – read the first Relativity® publication

Electrostatic subframing and compressive-sensing video in transmission electron microscopy This month’s special issue of Structural Dynamics features the first published journal article on Relativity®. This work has been the result of years of collaborative effort between IDES and researchers at Sandia National Laboratories and uses several laser-driven, materials processes to demonstrate the potential for high […]

Relativity® wins a Microscopy Today 2018 Innovation Award

IDES’ Relativity® camera subframing system with compressive sensing has won a Microscopy Today Innovation Award at the 2018 Microscopy and Microanalysis conference in Baltimore. Relativity® allows users to obtain kHz frame rates using conventional TEM cameras, check back here soon for more news. 2018 Microscopy Today Innovation Awards:

Spectrally resolved photon-induced near-field electron microscopy

Exciting new work from Prof. Fabrizio Carbone’s lab: Currently, phonons and collective plasmon resonances can be imaged in nanostructures with sub-nm and 10s meV space/energy resolution using state-of-the-art energy-filtered transmission electron microscopy (TEM), but only under static conditions, while fs-resolved measurements are common but lack spatial or energy resolution. Here, we demonstrate a new method […]

IDES at M&M 2017

IDES is pleased to sponsor the following events at the 2017 Microscopy and Microanalysis Meeting: Pre-Meeting Congress: “Understanding Radiation Beam-Damage during Cryo-, ETEM, Gas- and Liquid-Cell Electron Microscopy.” Symposium A16: “In situ and operando Characterization of Material Processes in Liquids and Gases” And don’t forget to stop by our booth to say hello!